Security Statement

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Security Statement

The school’s main entrance and staff room external entrance are controlled by a secure door entry system.

The school also has several pupil entrances, access to which are carefully controlled:-

Pupils’ entrances to the school are unlocked at 08.30, and Teaching Assistants lock these doors at 08.45 (KS1) and 08.55 (FS) It is important to be punctual, as children arriving late have to enter the school via the main reception to be signed in, and are then taken to their classes by a member of the administration team.

At all times when out of doors, children are supervised by staff.

At morning playtime for KS1 an adult on playground duty unlocks the pupils’ doors and the last member of staff to come in from outside duty in each side of the building locks them at the end of playtime.

At lunchtime Midday Play Workers (MPW) unlock the doors to ensure access to the playground and toilets during the lunch break.  They also check the doors are locked at the end of the lunch break.

Staff are vigilant about keeping the Foundation Stage gate and front footpath gate closed. Additionally, the pedestrian gate leading to the FS playground is kept locked throughout the school day.

We ask parents not to use the car park as a footpath. To help reinforce this, the main gate is closed at 08.30. and re-closed every time the gate is used. A white line is painted across the top of the car park and on the main footpath towards the gate. KS1 children are taught that they may not cross the white line.   

Parents are requested to close the gates leading to the Foundation Stage secure play area behind them. A member of the administration team checks on the FS gate from her work station, and FS staff always check and continue to monitor its closure whenever they work with children outside.

We also ask parents not to use the Nursery gate as an entry or exit unless they have a child in Monkeys class. This is to keep traffic to a minimum, and supports a further security issue, that of enabling staff to be able to see the Nursery children’s parents easily without the distraction of other parents passing by.

Any unrecognised adult on site will always be politely, but directly and immediately, challenged. The standard approach is to ask ‘Can I help you?’ Legitimate visitors should be wearing a visitors’ badge. All visitors must be taken to, or asked to go to the main reception to sign in.

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