School aims

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Our aim is:

“Building a life-long love of learning in a safe and happy school”

We achieve it through the means of strong partnerships.  Children, staff, parents and governors all working together to promote our determination for all pupils to:

  • be happy and motivated learners

  • want to achieve their best

  • be excited and enthused by new knowledge

  • think and work creatively

  • feel valued and secure, respecting themselves, and others

  • want to be good citizens, becoming responsible and effective adults who can work co-operatively, collaboratively and independently

  • develop skills and knowledge required for the modern technological world

These shared beliefs and attitudes support the achievement of our aim:

  • We are committed to maintaining high standards of teaching and learning through professional development for all staff.

  • The children are our inspiration.

  • We enjoy our work.

  • We are a well-informed, organised school community.

  • We work co-operatively as a team recognising each other’s strengths, and giving one another support.

  • We provide an attractive and stimulating environment in a welcoming and friendly school.

  • We make opportunities for all families to be involved in school life.

  • Our curriculum is broad, balanced, creative and challenging.

  • Everyone is important and valued.

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