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School Uniform

A school uniform has been agreed upon by the Governing Body in consultation with parents. The School uniform is:-

  • red school sweatshirt or cardigan (including the School’s logo and obtainable through the School Office),
  • any plain scarlet red sweater is an acceptable alternative
  • navy skirt/pinafore/leggings/joggers/trousers/shorts. 
  • white ‘polo’ style short sleeved shirt
  • red and white striped or checked dresses as an alternative in warmer weather
  • Wellington boots to be kept in school during term-time, especially during Autumn, Winter and Spring.

P.E. and Games Kit

Children of first school age may reasonably be expected to work in their underwear i.e. pants and vest, however most parents prefer to provide a change of clothes:- Shorts and T-shirts, or leotards for girls.  Children need plimsolls or trainers at school for outdoor games throughout the year, although we do encourage children to work in bare feet indoors for reasons of safety.  We would recommend that children have their P.E. kit, including footwear, at school every weekday.  As outdoor games lessons take place throughout the year, weather permitting, joggers and/or sweatshirts are useful additions to a pupil’s kit in winter.

There are no uniform colours or designs of shorts/T-shirts expected so parents can use garments their children already have available.

P.E. bags

Kit should be kept in a drawstring P.E. bag which can be easily hung on the child’s cloakroom peg.  We would ask parents’ co-operation in not allowing children to bring other types of kit bags, as storage space is very limited and large holdalls lying around the cloakroom floor can be dangerous.  A red P.E. bag with the school’s logo can be bought from the office, but any drawstring bag is acceptable.

Ordering a new school uniform

You can order your school uniform through Clothing at Tesco or order uniform items using an order form at reception. 


We ask that ALL items of clothing and footwear are marked with the child’s name to avoid loss and confusion, and that coats are fitted with a suitable hanging loop.

It is especially important to name red sweatshirts/cardigans/fleeces as there are so many all looking the same.  Children should be encouraged to check their name label when putting on a school sweater at school.

You can order named labels with Stikins Labels and also help raise funds for the school.

Lost Property

Collections of lost property are kept in labelled boxes in both cloakrooms and parents are welcome to examine this on request.  At the end of each term all lost property is set out on tables at the front of the school for parents to check and retrieve missing items.

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