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We have stringent policies and procedures in place to ensure that we act effectively in pursuing the five outcomes that ensure children’s wellbeing and that Every Child Matters. (HM Govt ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’)

These outcomes are paramount in all our work.  They are to make sure that all our children can:

  • stay safe (in the context of this Safeguarding Statement, this is the main focus)
  • be healthy
  • enjoy and achieve
  • make a positive contribution
  • achieve economic wellbeing

The work of all professionals and agencies involved in safeguarding children and promoting their welfare is governed by a legislative Framework. We make sure we work conscientiously to fulfil all statutory requirements.  In particular all our work and procedures are governed by the general duties set out in the Children’s Act, and the statutory guidance ’Working Together to Safeguard Children' (2006).   We also work within the policy and practice guidance set out by MKSCB (Milton Keynes Safeguarding Children Board).

We have appropriate procedures in place for responding to situations in which we believe that a child has been abused or is at risk of abuse.   

All our staff are trained in Safeguarding, and training is annually reviewed.

The designated person (named lead professional) for Safeguarding is Elizabeth Bancroft, the Headteacher.

Internet Safety - ‘Think before you click’

ICT, including the internet, email and mobile technologies has become an important part of learning at our school.

We expect all children to be safe and responsible when using ICT.

Please read and discuss the ‘Think before you click’ e safety rules below with your child.

If you have any concerns or would like some further explanation please contact the ICT Subject Manager, Margaret Bulleid or the Headteacher, Lizzie Bancroft.


I will ask permission before using the internet and will only use the internet and email with an adult.

I will not give out my name, phone number or home address.

I will only click on icons and links when I know they are safe.

I will not bring discs or memory sticks from home to use in school.

I will be responsible for my behaviour when using ICT and will always be polite and sensible in my contact with others.

If I see something on a screen that I don’t like or makes me feel uncomfortable, I will always tell an adult.

I know that these rules are to keep me safe.

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