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Healthy School Commitment


Loughton Manor First School was one of the first schools in Milton Keynes to achieve National Healthy Schools Status.  This was a recognition of our commitment to ensuring a holistic approach to all our pupils’ and staffs’ health and wellbeing.

We also hold the ‘Active Mark’ showing our commitment to 2hrs + of high quality PE per week.

School Aims

“Building a life-long love of learning in a safe and happy school”

We aim to use all available resources at our disposal to improve the health and well being of all our pupils and staff.  The School currently holds National Healthy Schools Status and we aim to maintain those requirements, even though the scheme is no longer promoted nationally.

We are committed to the principles and values of the Change4Life Programme.

This is our philosophy:

  • Young people are at the heart of the Healthy Schools Award scheme and should be involved at all levels.
  • Education is about the whole person, not just about academic achievement.  Pupils achieve more when they feel accepted, safe, supported and valued and have strong self esteem.
  • We see the promotion of health and well being as central to the life of the school.  This includes physical and emotional health along with an awareness of healthy eating.
  • We actively promote health matters, offering support and information to parents via our ‘Healthy School’ Parents’ Workshop, and by providing a range of relevant literature, helpsheets and leaflets at the Health Information Point in reception.
  • Staff readily offer informal support and advice to parents, in a sensitive fashion.
  • Health is a precious resource for everyday living, not just a goal in itself.
  • All support must be accessible, timely, acceptable and centre on the needs of the young people.
  • We celebrate our successes with the community.
  • We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance to learn, work, live and develop free from discrimination, prejudice and fear.

Physical Activity Policy Statement

“Building a life-long love of learning in a safe and happy school”

Our aim through participation, enjoyment and fun, is to encourage and promote Physical Activity for all.

We believe that all pupils and staff should be provided with opportunities to participate in a range of enjoyable physical activities as soon as they join this school, so they will be more likely to continue being physically active throughout the rest of their lives.

This policy statement on physical activity reinforces the school’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy behaviours, which will support the health and well-being of its whole school community as part of the ethos of the National Healthy Schools Programme, leading to healthier living and learning.

Currently we offer our pupils opportunities to experience the following planned activities during their time at school:-

  • high quality PE and School Sport for all
  • good participation levels
  • competitive sport, which teaches team work, discipline, self-respect and how to cope with winning and losing
  • non-competitive forms of physical activity eg. dance, which can contribute to good health and well being
  • links with local clubs
  • a stimulating playground environment
  • active and enjoyable break playtimes/lunchtimes
  • trips and visits
  • activity weeks
  • walks
  • cycling and road safety skills
  • brain gym/activity breaks
  • planting and growing/gardening
  • environmental areas
  • outside classroom/s
  • drama and school performances
  • walking and cycling to and from school
  • activities run not only by staff, but by coaches, volunteers, parents and trained midday supervisors
  • singing and playing musical instruments

Staff wellbeing is also considered.  They are encouraged to participate in regular walks and aerobics sessions, they walk or cycle to school where possible, and we hold optional staff swimming sessions after school.

Emma Pearson is the named person with overall responsibility for Physical Activity at our school.  This policy will be reviewed as required.

Healthy Eating Policy Statement

Our priority at Loughton Manor First School is to ensure that children have strong self esteem and are confident to make good choices about what, when and how they eat.

Healthy eating is about making informed choices and eating a balanced diet.  It is about eating regularly and respecting the importance of shared mealtimes.

There is no such thing as 'bad' food per se, but children need to recognise that food from certain food groups, especially fruit and vegetables, need to be eaten in greater proportion and more regularly than sugary or 'treat' foods.  We encourage the eating of fruit and vegetables both mid morning (provided by parents) and mid afternoon through the government funded provision.  Nursery children have access to healthy snacks throughout the day.

The children need to recognise the impact of 'sugar hits' on their teeth and try to drink some water straight afterwards to neutralise the effect.  They should incorporate regular teeth cleaning and hand washing into their personal hygiene routines.

Children are encouraged to enjoy food and be adventurous in their tastes.  They are encouraged to realise that the social aspects of sharing a meal are very important both personally and in respecting other cultures.  Extra PSHE time has been allocated at lunchtime to provide this understanding. 

We work closely with families to give consistent messages and send out regular newsletters to inform and include parents in our school culture.  We encourage them to provide healthy food options in their children's packed lunches.  We do not allow sweets or chocolate bars to be brought in as part of children’s packed lunch. We encourage children to drink water throughout the day to keep them alert and ready to learn.  When food is included as part of a Class Reward it will be consistent with our Healthy Eating Policy.  We encourage parents to buy into the cool milk for Schools Scheme.

We monitor the variety and quality of school dinners by our outside provider.

Healthy eating is covered in aspects of the Science curriculum and Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education.  We look for cross curricular links to bring the enjoyment of food into broader learning experiences.

Healthy eating is seen as an essential part of promoting well being and we aim to lay foundations for good eating habits in the children's future lives.

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