School dinners

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School Meals/Snacks

Midday Break Supervision

During the midday break children remaining on the school premises are supervised and led in their play by our team of Midday Play Workers who work under the supervision of the Headteacher.


A free cooked lunch is available from the school or children can bring a packed lunch and drink.  The cooked lunch includes a vegetarian option on request and a filled baked potato option daily.  School dinners have to be ordered in advance using our order form and submitting to reception by Tuesday morning for the following week.  School dinners are provided by Chartwells. For more information on ordering meals or to report sickness please contact Chartwells on 01908 615705 or

Packed Lunches

We encourage families to take up the option of our nutrious, well balanced, hot school lunch.  However, should you prefer to prepare your own packed lunch the following needs to be considered:

Sandwich boxes need to be compact and stackable - a standard lunchbox with handle, or a rectangular plastic container such as an ice-cream container, for example - and should be clearly marked with the child’s name.  These boxes are placed on shelves at the beginning of the day where they are stored until the midday break. Please note that due to currently having pupils with severe nut allergy, no nuts or nut spreads can be allowed.  Thank you.

In accordance with our healthy eating policy, no sweets are allowed in packed lunches.   This includes chocolate bars such as Snickers, Twix, etc.  We urge parents to think carefully about providing balanced nutrition.  A balanced lunch needs to include an element of protein, fruit and/or veg, some healthy carbs, but not too much sugar or fats.  This is very important, not just to help children grow and thrive, but so that they are alert and comfortable in the afternoons.  Please ensure that no glass/breakable containers are sent to school with your child’s lunch.  As we do not have refrigeration facilities, you may wish to consider including an icepack in your child’s container.

School Milk

The school encourages families to order school milk through the subsidised milk scheme: “Cool Milk for School”.  Milk is free up until a child’s 5th birthday, but still needs to be ordered by the family.

Fruit Snacks

Foundation Stage provide fruit snacks (funded by donations from parents per term) and Years 1 & 2 are encouraged to bring a morning fruit snack.

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