School Day

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School Organisation

The School Day

Morning Session

08.55  to 11.30 Foundation Stage Two - arrivals from 8.30

08.45  to 11.45 Year One - arrivals from 8.30

08.45  to 12.00 Year Two - arrivals from 8.30

Afternoon Session

12.45  to 15.00 Foundation Stage Two

13.00  to 15.00 Year one

13.00  to 15.00 Year two

You may have noticed that Foundation Stage 2 and Year 1 have 15 minutes longer at lunch than year 2. Their eating takes a little longer, and we do not rush children to finish their meal. A Staff rota from all year groups allocates 15 minutes of teacher/teaching assistant time to supporting children in eating, and the associated social skills, and 15 minutes towards the end of their play session outside alongside midday supervisors ensuring smooth handover and communications.

Nursery Class - Monkeys Day

Morning Session

8.30 to 11.30 (Nursery am class)

Afternoon Session

12.00 to 3.00 (Nursery pm class)

Children should not arrive on the premises before 8.30 a.m. when the school doors will be open and children may come in to their classroom.  Children who go home for lunch should not return until ten minutes before the start of the afternoon session.  It is important that these arrival times are adhered to so that children’s safety through adequate supervision levels is ensured.

In addition to the time spent on registration, assemblies and playtimes, each child receives in excess of 21½ hours of tuition during a normal school week.

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