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Snow and Bad Weather Statement

Icy Weather

During icy weather the following policy has been adopted:

The caretaking staff will salt those parts of our paths that are close to the building and we know are likely to be slippery.  We cannot salt the playgrounds or other areas.  We would therefore recommend that staff, parents and pupils treat all path and playground areas as potential slip hazards and take appropriate precautions in cold weather.  A notice to this effect will be posted outside school.

School Closure due to inclement weather

Our Policy is to try and stay open in snowy weather, but on occasion we may have to operate with reduced staffing.  However we recognise that school being open is important, and will always endeavour to make provision.

The Headteacher will make a decision (when frost/snow fall is likely) as to whether to close the school.  Should the school have to be closed we use the LA arrangements – please check our home page or for updates.

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