More Able Pupils

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More Able Pupils

Meeting the needs of our more able pupils, and those with particular talents such as art, music, sport, etc, is part of our commitment to ensuring suitable educational opportunities for all. We have high expectations of achievement and are committed to providing

  • a positive, inclusive culture
  • attractive learning environment
  • a rich and challenging curriculum. 

This enables all children to maximize their potential and includes those children who display particular ability or talent.

We recognise the needs of the more able child within a framework of equal opportunity and mixed ability teaching, and provide opportunities for more able children to develop their specific skills and talents.

We do this through:

  • Having high expectations
  • Well developed assessment for learning
  • Differentiated tasks/questions that are designed to take account of levels of existing knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Planning challenging open-ended tasks
  • Varied organisation for learning – setting, withdrawal, use of teaching assistants
  • Specialist teaching
  • Personalised progression
  • Teaching and learning that makes effective use of ICT strategies
  • Curriculum choice/flexibility
  • Promoting ‘learnability’ qualities (Building Learning Power)

In addition, we aim to:

  • Maintain an ethos where it is OK to be bright
  • Encourage all children to be independent learners
  • Recognise and celebrate achievement, including achievements from outside activities such as sporting or arts clubs
  • Provide work at an appropriate level
  • Be aware of the effects of ethnicity, bilingualism, gender and social circumstances on learning and high achievement
  • Provide opportunities for all children to work with like minded peers.
  • Make opportunities for  more able and/or talented pupils to work together
  • Provide opportunities for performance
  • Provide opportunities for pupil leadership/peer mentoring

Children who have been recognised as having a special talent will be regularly monitored and discussed with the Inclusion Manager.

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