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Charging and Remissions Policy

The Governing Body of the school is required to establish a policy of Charging and Remissions of any charges.

  1. Where activities take place in school session time parents will be invited to make voluntary contributions towards the cost of the activity on a pro-rata basis but a pupil will not be debarred from taking part in the activity because his/her parents cannot, or will not contribute.  However, if insufficient voluntary contributions are forthcoming with the result that the visit is not financially viable, it may be necessary to cancel the activity.

  1. .All trips are costed to ensure no profit is made.  However, in the unlikely event of there being a surplus in contributions, this would be refunded if amounting to £1 or over per contribution.  Any smaller surplus would be put towards curriculum resources.

  1. Where activities take place in school time and are organised by a third party (e.g. sports coaching) and not directly by the school then the third party may charge parents for that activity.

  1. Where activities take place outside school time, charges may be levied where appropriate.

  1. Any application for a full or partial remission of charges will be considered by the Headteacher or her nominated deputy.  It is the policy of the Governing Body that remission should apply generally to those children who are eligible for free school meals. Any other application would be considered on its merit.

  1. Appropriate charges may be made for cookery ingredients and craft materials where parents have indicated in advance that they wish to take home their child’s finished work.

  1. Parents will be invited to make a contribution to meet the cost of damages or breakages where this is as a result of their child’s deliberate action.  This will include the cost of damaged, defaced or lost reading and/or library books.  Parents are required to sign an undertaking that they will pay for any damage or loss up to and including the books’ value before children may take a library book home.

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