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Pupil Premium Funding at Loughton Manor First School

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium funding is given to schools by central government. It is in addition to the school’s main budget. The Pupil Premium is specifically targeted funding designed to narrow the attainment gap between children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and those who are less disadvantaged.

The aim is to overcome inequality between certain groups of children and their peers. In all state schools the groups of children for whom Pupil Premium funding is received are:

  • Children who are, or have been, entitled to Free School Meals
  • Children in the care of the Local Authority, known as Looked After Children, for example children in foster care.
  • Children whose parents serve in the Armed Forces.

How much Pupil Premium money does the school receive?

The amount the school receives currently ranges between £1300 - £1900 (according to whether the child is eligible for Free School Meal funding or is a Looked After Child.)

As an infant school it is quite a struggle to get the Pupil Premium amount that we should be able to access. This is because of the confusion caused by the
fact that all infants receive a free school meal. (Universal Infant Free School Meals) However, this is not the same as having a ‘Free School Meals’ entitlement due to having a low income.

All parents are asked to complete a form to help us assess eligibility for Pupil Premium, but sadly some families choose not to respond because their children will be having lunch provided in any case. This means we lose out on some Pupil Premium funding.

The actual amounts received by the school for the most recent years of Pupil Premium funding are as follows:

Year             Pupil Premium

2017/18        £13,122

2018/19        £13,597

2019/20         £8,309

How we use the Pupil Premium funding

As a school we are committed to high standards of teaching and learning for all children, and we couple this with effective assessment and progress tracking of every child, so that we can best meet the needs of every individual.

As part of this progress tracking we ensure that the learning outcomes for ‘Pupil Premium’ children are closely monitored at an individual child level, so that we can put in place appropriate support to enable them to achieve well.

The range of support includes:

  • specific interventions where needed to support their learning in the core subjects of English and Maths. In particular, the provision of a specialist trained and qualified Reading Recovery Teacher
  • remittance of fees for instrumental tuition
  • that they are not asked to make financial contributions towards our rich programme of educational visits and visitors
  • that Pupil Premium children entitled to Free School Meals are offered school uniform free of charge.

Impact of our Pupil Premium funding

The most important support that Pupil Premium funding contributes towards are the intensive 1:1 tuition Reading Recovery programme, and our Maths interventions. Since the introduction of Reading Recovery to the school in 2010 there have been ‘pupil premium children’ included in this intervention every year, all of whom have made accelerated progress. The school has consistently had very positive SATs reading results ever since the introduction of Reading Recovery, always exceeding National results in the end of Key Stage 1 assessment.

Our Maths SATs results also consistently exceed the National average and targeted interventions support this.  In 2018 78% of pupils met the end of KS1 Expectations, with 26% exceeding the standard and attaining ‘Greater Depth’. and in 2019 this was 78% ‘Expected’ and 28% “Greater Depth’.

Pupil Premium funding has allowed individual Year 2 ‘pupil premium children’ to receive instrumental tuition – the school offers violin, ‘cello and trumpet lessons. This has enabled those children to pursue their interest in music and develop skills that they would otherwise be unable to experience. It also impacts positively upon their attitude towards education, the commitment to learning and practicing helping to develop good study skills and self-management. The funding has also allowed us to invest in specialist resources (e.g. Numicon Maths resources) to aid our interventions.

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