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Friends Information

The Friends of Loughton Manor First School (FLMFS) was established in November 1997, shortly after the school first opened.  It is a registered charity which is run purely on a voluntary basis by parents and carers of children attending the school.  We hold a variety of fundraising events throughout the school year in addition to various smaller projects.

Our aims

  • To raise money to be used to enhance the educational experience of the children at the school.
  • To provide an important link between parents, staff, governors, pupils and other people interested in the school.
  • To provide events and activities for the school but also the wider community to enjoy.
  • To provide an opportunity for parents to meet others within the school.

Where the money goes

Over the years, FLMFS has raised substantial amounts of money which have enabled the school to purchase items that enhance the educational experience of the children at the school. In the past these have included:

  • Within the grounds of the school - the Willow classroom, trim trail, climbing wall, sand pit, wooden playhouse at the front of the school and the storage shed for garden equipment.
  • IT equipment and software.
  • Construction toys and musical instruments.

ALL money raised goes towards items in the school, be it library books, the newly created sensory garden, new equipment in Forest School, or supplementing external school trips.

Fundraising events need lots of preparation. We organise the events, delegate tasks, come up with ideas, go shopping for supplies, and liaise with the school and parents and that is all done BEFORE the actual event takes place. Despite the occasional bouts of mania, we all have fun and it is a great way of making new friends. When you see the children’s faces light up, at a Disco or the Christmas Shop for example, it is all worth it.

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