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Christmas Shop

When -  Thursday 8 and Friday 9 December

Time - During the school day the children are taken to the shop class by class.

Where - Friend's Grotto.

Details -  We hold a Christmas Shop over 2 days at the beginning of December.

The Christmas shop offers children a unique opportunity to purchase gifts independently and ‘secretly’ for their own family members. The children choose their gifts from our festive shop and bring them home already wrapped and labelled. There is always a wide selection of gifts for children to choose from for men, women, boys, girls and babies.

We set up a shop in the circular music room. All presents are wrapped, apart from the one on display. Children are taken round by a helper individually to buy gifts 'in secret' for friends and family. The older children will write their own gifts tags to stick on their chosen presents, the younger children just sign their name. Presents are sent home at the end of the day for you to put under your trees.

The price charged for each gift is £2.50. Each gift is always worth £2.50 or more. An order form, with full instructions, will come out in November each year.

Here are some comments from the children who enjoyed the experience:

"I like the Christmas shop because there were different presents, all shapes and sizes, for men, ladies and children".

"I got Daddy a thing to put his keys on his arm when he's running. He wears it a lot".

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