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Key Stage One Maths visit: Governors’ Report

Purpose of visit

The purpose of the visit was to look at the provision of mathematics in the school: how it was being taught and embedded in the school curriculum and how it links to the school development plan.


The visit was carried out on 2nd April 2015. I was accompanied by Mrs. Daniela Thompson, the subject manager of the school, along with other staff members on the day of visit.

During the visit I had the opportunity to observe activities within the different ability groups of Year 1 and Year 2 as well as being able to talk to the children plus many teachers.

Details of the visit

1.The use of new technology

The school has embraced developments in IT and utilises it successfully in both teaching and tracking children’s progress e.g. in KS1 the Assistant Head currently uses the “Target Tracker” system to track children. I also witnessed the use of IT in the classroom to aid teaching of maths and it was clear that IT is being effectively used to support the teaching learning process.  In addition, the school is investigating the use of technologies including maths across other areas of curriculum. This will allow pupils to gain a better understanding of the broader application of maths in other subject areas.

2.Assessment of learning

Assessing pupil progress (APP) is fully embedded in maths teaching and APP assessments are being used to inform planning.  However, with changes to the National Curriculum, APP is gradually being phased out.  Target Tracker training has now been attended by all KS1 teachers, who will be using this as a replacement for APP, with Year One teachers transferring APP data/pupil attainment onto the software in preparation for September.  National Curriculum objectives will be highlighted when achieved by the pupils and this will be used to inform discussions at Progress Tracking Meetings, and also to inform future planning.

The school actively monitors the quality and consistency of marking and is working to ensure that the next steps are being discussed and included in marking. There is also a focus on ensuring that pupils have “key targets” and that they understand what they are so they can work towards achieving them.

3.Work beyond the classroom

I appreciate that in school maths in not just confined in the classroom; additional outdoor sessions have been held to develop the understanding of maths.  Different games and strategies are in use to enhance the interest of students in the subject hence the high level of learning that is being achieved.

4.Parental and community involvement

Parent workshops are held annually in the Autumn Term. These enable parents to develop a better understanding of the methods used in maths teaching allowing parents to support their children’s learning at home.

General comments

Overall the standard of maths teaching at the school is very high and pupils clearly enjoy lessons and appear to engage enthusiastically with the learning process. The school has a clear maths action plan which is reviewed on a timely basis and significant effort is being put into ensuring the plan is implemented. Leadership in maths teaching is clearly working well and the future work outlined in the action plan will further support the high standards of teaching I observed.

Finally I would like to thank the teaching staff and pupils for sharing their lessons and time with me on the visit.

Dimpy Sajita - Numeracy Governor

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