Curriculum Visit Dec 14

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Curriculum visit Monday 1st December 2014

On Monday 1st December Gary and I spent some time at the school to look at a number of new elements.

Firstly we were able to see the new climbing frame that had just been installed and unveiled at the rear of the school. This is a fantastic new piece of play equipment that the children clearly immediately valued. Despite their excitement at being allowed on it for the first time we were impressed with the respectful and disciplined way that the children took their turns in small groups and then moved off to allow others time on it.

I then spent time briefly in Foundation having a look at how the new arrangement for lunchtime meals is working. The children no longer have to make their way over to the main building for lunch as midday meal supervisors and staff now serve hot lunches in the Foundation stage. Despite this being a significant logistical challenge it is working well. I was very impressed by the patient way that our youngest children sat and waited to be served. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their lunch and the staff are doing an excellent job in managing lunchtimes and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity of a good quality hot lunchtime meal. It was interesting to note that only a handful of children had ‘opted out’ and brought their own packed lunch, although there are clearly some dietary considerations for some of these children.

Gary and I were also able to meet with the School Council representatives and hear their thoughts on how the climbing frame would be used fairly by everyone. The representatives also spoke to us about the lunchtime arrangements and we were then able to join them in the main hall for lunch. We are already aware how well the main school lunchtime is managed but it was useful to actually sit down and eat with the children. The portions were certainly substantial and there was plenty of healthy ingredients. We were again impressed with the behaviour of the children throughout and when it did get a little noisy, the midday supervisors simply gained everyone’s attention and, with a few words, calm was restored.

Finally I was able to join Zebras for one of their first rehearsals for the nativity play. It was a joy to see our Foundation stage children demonstrating such creativity and enthusiasm for performance. It goes without saying that the hard work put in by the children and staff in preparation for the nativity play clearly paid off yet again with an outstanding performance.

Our thanks, as always, go to all the staff for allowing us in to the school for a truly uplifting and inspiring visit.

Jim & Gary

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