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Governing Body


We are involved in visiting the school to observe the curriculum, choosing the teachers, monitoring the finances, ensuring that children with special needs and disabilities are treated equally, and making sure the school environment is safe and stimulating.


We are always looking for ways in which the quality of learning can be improved and the school can be developed. 

We meet on average once a month in term time and also carry out a number of formal visits during the year to see the curriculum and other aspects of school life 'in action'.    


As well as the formal visits, governors are heavily involved in the life of the school.  As well as carrying out our statutory duties, we attend school productions, the Carol Concert at Christ the Cornerstone, Assemblies, Musical Performances, FS CafĂ© Day, Sports Day, Men Behaving Dadly and the May Fayre organised by the Friends Association.

I would like to thank all the staff, on behalf of the governing body, for continuing to meet every challenge that has come their way, whilst continuing to delivery an exciting and stimulating curriculum in a safe and caring environment. 


If you wish to contact myself or the Governing Body please click here.

Chair of Governors

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