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Dear Parents,

How well the children have settled into their new classes this term, we’ve got this year off to a great start!

A particularly warm welcome from all of us at Loughton Manor First School to our new pupils and families. We know it is a big step, starting school for the first time, and feel sure you must be proud of how well your children are settling in. Well done to the children, and all the grown ups at home and school for giving them confidence, and thank you for joining in so well with their ‘taster’ lessons at the Foundation Stage 2 Curriculum afternoons. It really helps your child, knowing that you have taken part in their learning.

Thanks also to the visiting parents at the Monkeys Nursery Class familiarisation sessions, for joining in with children’s play and helping the children to enjoy their new nursery class experience happily.

Year 1 seem to have made a confident transition into the main building, and our new Year 2’s are rising to the challenge of being the super sensible role models that the rest of the school look up to - well done to all! 

Don’t forget that there are free school dinners for all children from FS2 age onwards. We are delighted to see that there has been an excellent take up of this provision. The children are eating very well, and tell us they are enjoying their lunch. It’s good to see the younger children developing their skills with using cutlery, too.

I’d like to point out important information that everyone needs to know about:-

Firstly, the School Year Planner “DATES FOR YOUR DIARY’, which has key diary dates throughout the year. This came home as a paper copy earlier in the week. Please see the item below explaining this.

The other item which you need to check you have read carefully is the detailed information about next week’s Harvest Assemblies.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need to know more about anything in this Newsletter…or indeed, something that isn’t – we’re always happy to help!

Best wishes, 

Elizabeth Bancroft   



And Harvest Appeal – ‘Food Aid’ and The Food Cupboard, local food bank

Here are the details of next week’s Harvest Assemblies.

There are three assemblies to which parents are invited, details below. We hope you will be able to join us. We are taking a monetary collection for Concern’s ‘Food Aid’ appeal, as well as accepting donations for the Food Cupboard food bank based in Bletchley.

We will be serving tea and coffee beforehand, any income from donations towards refreshments will be added to our charity appeal.



(Tea and coffee served from 08.30 )

Friday 12TH  OCT  09.00  YEAR 1 ASSEMBLY


(Tea and coffee served from 08.30)

Friday 12TH  OCT  14.15 



(Tea and coffee served from 13.45)

Our Harvest Appeals – Concern’s ‘Food Aid’ and ‘The Food Cupboard’, local appeal

We think it is important to raise funds towards Food Aid, organised by the charity Concern. We hope you will want to support this important charity at harvest time when we show our appreciation of all the fruit, vegetables and produce we are so lucky to enjoy. We will be taking a collection for 'Concern' at the end of each assembly, so that the school can send a donation. Money raised is used as follows:

25p provides enough rice for a whole family for one day

£1.00 can feed a child for a day in a Concern Emergency Feeding Centre

£5.00 can provide food rations to a family of six for one week

£10.00  will provide food for sixteen children for ten days.

£50.00 can provide three children with one meal a day for a whole year

The Food Cupboard

The other way of helping is by donations of the food items for the local Food Cupboard charity, which is aimed at helping families with young children who have emergency need for practical support.

Food parcels distributed by The Food Cupboard are a real lifeline to families who find themselves in hardship, and MKC’s children’s services need to be able to call upon this important voluntary support. It is also something we can offer in a more local way that is tangible, and immediately visible to the children.

We are taking donations for the Food Cupboard from tomorrow onwards. Collection boxes will be in the shared areas at the start of the day. Detailed information and a list of suitable items will be sent home with your child.


A VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT. This came home on Tuesday.

It gives advance information about term dates, parent consultations, curriculum workshops, school trips, concerts and more. We recommend you find a prominent place to keep and look after it at home, so that you can always refer to the calendar throughout the year. It will also be published on the school website.

Please make a note of all relevant dates, so that you are aware of what’s coming up and can make the most of what’s on offer. We do our best to provide further supporting information, but we expect parents to take responsibility for noting all the dates that apply to your child’s class to ensure you always know what’s coming up.

We try to stick to the information in the Calendar as closely as possible, but very occasionally an event later in the year may need to be altered, and of course, there will be one or two additional events and activities from opportunities that arise during the year.

Newsletters, and letters to particular classes or year groups will support the Calendar information. The surest way to get information is to sign up for ParentMail and we strongly urge everyone to do this. Ask at the school office how to sign up if you don’t yet get ParentMail emails from us.


We welcome several new staff members this term:-

•Kelly Gale new class teacher in Giraffes class

•Graduate trainee teachers Catherine Lewis, based in FS Pandas, Philippa Markwick, based in Year 1 Leopards, and Rosie Scott, based in Year 2 Hippos, These post-graduate student teachers work in a supernumerary capacity alongside our experienced team of teachers.

•SEN Teaching assistant Ujwala Patil

BOOK FAIR – Monday 15th to Thursday 18th October

We have a Book Fair in the school library the week after next, running after school for four days from Monday 15th to Thursday 18th October . There will be a great selection of children’s books for you to purchase, and the school receives books as a commission, which is a very helpful way of adding to our stock of lovely books for children to enjoy.


We run several workshops for parents. Our aim is to help you to become more familiar with how children learn and grow at school, to assist you in supporting your child’s learning, and also to offer opportunities for you to become more involved in school. A couple have already taken place, but here are the others still to come: We would be delighted to welcome you to any of the following sessions all of which are running this term. Please look on your calendar for dates and times.

•Foundation Stage Mathematics –Monday 8th October at 1.30 pm and 6.15 pm

•Key Stage 1 Mathematics –Monday 15th October at 1.30 pm and 6.15 pm

•Early Handwriting Development (Foundation Stage) – Tuesday 6th November 09.00

•Restorative Practice: (our approach to relationships, promoting good behaviour, and conflict resolution) -  Tuesday 13th November at 1.30 pm or 6.15 pm.

•Health and Wellbeing for Learning – 6.15 pm Thursday 22nd November

In addition there will be monthly Stay and Play sessions in the Nursery Class from January onwards.


If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, it is essential that we are informed immediately. Please use the email address

In order to ensure the Safeguarding of children, schools must know why any child who is not in school is absent, and, of course, we promote good attendance so that children get the most from their school education. Thank you for your support.


We’d be very grateful if every child in the school could donate a box of tissues to be used in class, and in the Foundation Stage donation of a pack of baby wipes would also be very helpful.  We ask this once a year, and usually the supply lasts just about the school year through.  It is very helpful for children and teachers to be able to lay their hands on a tissue readily in case of runny noses. Thank you so much for your help in this matter.


KEY STAGE ONE – 08.30 – 08.45

FOUNDATION STAGE – 08.30 – 08.55

Thank you for helping to get the school day off to a good start for your children.

Staff are very happy to be available to help with any queries, remembering that we’re keen to get the classes calm and settled, alert and ready for learning, by 08.45 promptly in Years 1 and 2, and by 08.55 in the Foundation Stage. (09.00 for Nursery Class)

In KS1, if you can get here as soon after 08.30 as possible, your child will be able to take part in early morning ‘Wake Up and Shake Up’, and/or handwriting skills practice. We do this until they gather together for their morning check in circles at 08.45, so the sooner they arrive, the better.

If you have a question or concern that needs more than a quick morning chat, we will always try to be available at home time to talk. Just let us know and we’ll fix a mutually convenient time to meet. I’m sure you will understand that we can’t do long detailed conversations when the children are arriving in the mornings, as staff need to focus on the children at this time.

For those with children in Year 2, we encourage these oldest pupils to take themselves into school from their entrance door a bit more independently. Of course you are still most welcome to come in if you need to talk to the staff. The idea is that we expect Year 2 to be looking after their own things, and putting away daily items for themselves to help  the children prepare for when they move on to junior school next year.


Don’t forget that your child needs named P.E. kit in school every day, brought in on Monday mornings.

We intend keeping going with Key Stage 1 outdoor games lessons throughout the year, unless the weather is really bitter. Therefore please could Year 1 and 2 include track suits, joggers or sweatshirts as the weather gets colder. 

In Years 1 and 2, it is essential that children have trainers or plimsolls (trainers are better on the grass) that fit them as part of their P.E. kit. We will be sending kit home half termly for checking and washing.

P.E. Safety

If your child has earrings, please try to teach them how to remove them, this is the best solution.  Alternatively, supply your child with surgical tape to cover their earrings during P.E. lessons. They can keep this in their tray. Any long hair must be tied back.  Also note in general that if earrings are worn at school they must be small studs, no hoops or large earrings

These requirements are essential to comply with Health and Safety regulations. Thank you.


Please always make time to read letters from school. That’s the surest way of your children being happy and taking part fully in what’s on offer. It also helps you to know and understand what’s happening at school, and can save worries. If you have a reply slip to return, please make sure it is given to the class teaching assistant, teacher or main office, or if appropriate, put in the red ‘trips and visits’ post box in the year group’s shared area.

ParentMail is our preferred method of communication, and we would urge you to use it if you have the internet. It is the most reliable way of being sure you receive letters. It’s also a great way of improving the flow of information to those who work full-time. Even if you don’t have email, if you provide ParentMail with your mobile phone number, you will be included in any informational text messages we send out. Once you are registered with ParentMail we will send you emails rather than paper wherever possible. Much better for the environment, and the school photocopying bill!  Also, with ParentMail you never have the worry of whether you may have missed a letter if your child is absent.


Paper copies of letters

In general, we only do paper copies for those that haven’t ParentMail.  We do remind pupils that they must always pass on letters. It is our practice to encourage children to put Newsletters and other information from school in their reading folder, so please check this every evening if you are not on ParentMail.

Nursery children will have letters given out when you collect them.

Very occasionally, information will come home via paper to everyone  if it’s something that’s not possible to email. We will always give the children an extra reminder to pass this on to you, and we send a ParentMail alert.



Sometimes young children don’t quite make it to the loo in time –especially if they’re really engrossed in what they’re doing. Because of this we need to keep a good supply of spare pants and trousers in school. nb Key Stage 1 parents If you have any in good condition that your child has grown out of, we’d be very grateful to have them for Foundation Stage, please.

Also, if your child has come home in spare clothes from school, please wash them and send them back asap.


Please, please name your children’s clothes, especially red tops!!! It’s not 100% fool proof in making sure your child doesn’t lose items, but makes a huge difference in how well we can help you retrieve missing items. You can help further by checking that names haven’t washed off. Also, if your child comes home in someone else’s named school jumper (they do this occasionally if they haven’t followed instructions about how to leave their clothes neatly on a chair when changing for P.E.) please return it to school straight away.



A huge thank you for your generosity last Friday! With your support we raised just over £500 for this wonderful charity that provides much needed specialist nurses to cancer patients and their families. Thank you also to the volunteers who helped run the events on the day. Your kindness is much appreciated.


Please be aware that we are a ‘nut free’ school. This is because we have pupils who have severe allergies. Thank you for your co-operation with this, and helping to keep our children safe.

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