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Picture galleries representating the wonderful activities across our school

Our Elephant went on tour to the National Art Gallery. 

The children have had a fun week performing their Christmas plays, musical instruments and enjoying their Christmas parties. Here are some of the highlights in our gallery.

Visit our gallery to see pictures of the Year 2 Orchestra who performed at the Music Educators’ Conference being held at Stadium MK in Bletchley

This mum is proud to have her children learn at Loughton Manor First School too!  Watch developments of our new family hatching here.

Once again we took part in 'Take One Picture Week'.Our Art Exhibition for 2019 focussed on 'Men of the Docks' by George bellows which had been the stimulus for exciting artwork and cross curricular learning.  Please view our gallery to see the wonderful artwork the children created.

Introducing our new Sensory Garden thanks to Bunnings and Loughton Manor First School Friends. 

Year Two performed Animal Antics at Denbigh High School this year. The costumes looked amazing I am sure you will agree.

The children enjoyed a great week celebrating the diversity of the world by visiting different countries "classrooms" and taking part in lots of different activities.

The hedgehog baby (a hoglet), about 9 days old, was found in the back playground. He came into school for a drink and a rest before going to his new home at Ark Wildlife hospital!

Year Two take a trip to Warwick Castle to enhance their history education. Join in their journey with this gallery.

Great to see so many of you enjoying books for breakfast.  Lots of happy faces from all the family.  What book did you choose to share?

Bugtopia visited bringing a variety of creatures including stick insects, spiders and snakes.

Follow the progress of the new foundation stage re-build project.  We opened our new Foundation Block to our pupils in September 2014.

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