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After a hectic day at school, youngsters need time and relax and play.  This enables them to return to school the next day refreshed and eager to learn.  We do not, therefore, set a large amount of formal homework, and none at all for Nursery pupils. The most important regular homework is that  we expect children to practise reading at home on a daily basis, just for 10-15 minutes.  This plays a large part in your child’s reading development. The children are encouraged to take a book home each day to share and practise with an adult.  Each child also has a Reading Practice Diary to record home practice.  Parents are asked to make comments in this book which will encourage the child and be helpful to the teacher.  Teachers check pupils’ reading practice diaries fortnightly and also make comments regarding progress. 

From Foundation Stage 2 onwards, children bring home ‘key words’ or ‘words of the week’ to learn to spell.  These words are related to their phonics lessons and /or based on the study topic theme at the time.

From time to time Key Stage 1 teachers will offer specific home activities related to topics, and in year 2 occasional maths activities. We hope you will want to work with your child on these, but they are completely optional and there is no pressure to complete them as with the‘set’ homework for older learners.

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