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Welcome to Loughton Manor First School

Everything we do at Loughton Manor First School is based on our aim "building a life-long love of learning in a safe and happy school." We try our hardest to live out this belief in all our work and play.

"Loughton Manor First School provides outstanding education. Lessons are imaginative, vibrant and full of pace."Ofsted 2010.

Latest News

Due to Lockdown, we are currently unable to host tours of the school. Please click here for a virtual tour of our school. Thank you for taking an interest in our school. 

Photographs Just a gentle reminder if you are unable to order your photographs online, the deadline for them to be returned to school is Tuesday 24th November.

Flu Vaccination due by 5pm on the 4th December, to then take place on the 8th of December. Please find attached a letter containing the link for the flu E-consent form.  Please complete the form electronically and press submit.  The form will then go straight to the school nursing team.

MK Museum Milton Keynes wants to create an exhibition about being a child; now and in the past. Who better to ask but..... children?!

The attachment has all the information you might need to take part and we do hope that lots of you want to! 

Letter From Headteacher

We are working hard to continue to follow government guidelines around keeping the school as ventilated as possible.  Whilst this was ok during the summer months, it is obviously becoming colder.  As a result, I would like you to ensure that your children are as warm and comfortable as possible.  I am happy for them to wear fleeces or hoodies, or warmer trousers to school during this period, over the top of school uniform, or long sleeve tops under polo shirts if this helps them to stay warm.

Also, as we enter the next period of Lockdown please could I urge you to socially distance whilst waiting outside school and disperse quickly once you have dropped off or collected your children.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding,

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Covid-19 Guidance

A rather sweet e-book that explains about Covid 19 and social distancing

Guidance for coming to school

Parent checklist - when to stay home

Test and Trace letter from the Public Health dept

Government Advice to all caring for children

Mental health support.

Online Resources A collection of useful resources when supporting yoru child at home.

Please could I urge you to socially distance whilst waiting outside the school at drop-off and collection times. Also, please disperse quickly, to clear the area for others.

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