Who are we

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Friends Committee



Formal Committee Members


  • Chair - Victoria Colyer (staff)
  • Vice Chair - Amy Lewis (Foundation and Year 2
  • Treasurer - Jonathan Evans (Year 1 and Year 2)
  • Vice Treasurer - Daniela Thompson (staff and FS1)
  • Secretary - Amanda Chamberlain (Year 1)



Class Contacts:


  • Amanda Chamberlain (Year 1)
  • Amy Lewis (FS2 & Year 2)
  • Meggy McMurry (Year 1)
  • Elisa Carron (Year 2)
  • Emese Friedrich (FS2)
  • Shen K (FS2)
  • Andreia Johnston (Year 1)



It's been great to see so many new faces at our regular committee meetings. It would be even better to see more. It really is fun and worthwhile, and a great chance to meet new people. The level of commitment and time you offer is entirely up to you. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings.


If you can't make any of the meetingw, and are thinking of joining us, have some ideas for events, or would just like more information please contact us at friendsofloughtonmanor@gmail.com


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