School Council

School Council


Minutes of the meeting of the School Council held on Friday 24th March 2016.


Mrs Kinsella (Chair), Julia Goodman-Smith, Harrison Chamberlain (Giraffes), Alina Hausmann, Kian Layton (Wolves), Alexa Ashby, Jeevan Sandhu (Hippos), Saadiya Mushtaq Amin, Sabeshan Sukunthan (Elephants), Thomas Whiting (Leopards), Giulia Tarabbia (Lions) and Mrs Mann (Note taker)


1. Welcome and Introduction

Mrs Kinsella welcomed all of the Councillors and asked them to introduce themselves to each other. The Councillors discussed their roles and responsibilities and Mrs Kinsella explained the structure of the meetings, the agenda and her role as Chairperson. Mrs Mann explained her role as note taker and described how she wrote down everything that was said during the meeting and typed up the 'minutes' for the whole school to read.


2. School Council Meeting Rules (Values)

Mrs Kinsella explained to the Councillors that as with the classroom and the playground we need to have our values agreed for the meeting. The Councillors then discussed what they would like their values to be.

They agreed on the following:


•Everyone has a chance to speak

•Sit nicely on your cushion

•Good listening


Mrs Kinsella said when talking about past events it is better not to use anybody’s name as we do not know the whole story.


3. Suggestion Box

There was only one suggestion in the box and luckily it was written by Alexa Ashby. She would like to have fairy doors in our wooded area, where Forest Schools takes place. Kian said he thought this was a great idea and that a fairy door is the smallest door he has ever seen! Mrs Kinsella said she will speak to Mrs Cox and ask her if it would be possible to have fairy doors.


As there were not any other suggestions, Mrs Kinsella asked the Councillors if they had any worries or concerns about our school in general. Sabeshan, Kian, Saadiya and Thomas are all a bit worried about the stinging nettles on the back playground, near the fence. Sabeshan said there are thorns on bushes too. Mrs Kinsella will speak to the gardeners about this.


Alina said that when we begin to use the trim trail again, would it be possible to paint it to make it look a bit more colourful? Kian said he agreed and that it should be painted lots of different colours! Alina also asked, what is happening with the digging patch? She said she really enjoys playing in there and misses it. Mrs Kinsella will find out more information about this!


Harrison said he would like there to be a permanent litter bin outside, so that if you saw any litter you could put it in straight away and not have to go inside. All Councillors said there is quite a lot a litter in the wooded area, so Mrs Kinsella will arrange for the Councillors to have a big litter picking session in the near future.


Thomas said that some children have been digging a hole by the fence and it is getting bigger. Mrs Kinsella said if he saw anyone doing it, to tell the grown up who is on duty. Julia said it is very muddy behind the playhouse at the moment, so make sure you put your wellies on. Alexa asked if the School Councillors could tidy the welly racks as they all look a bit messy! Mrs Kinsella thought this was a great idea.


Kian is concerned about how the children play in the willow classroom. He said that some children break the willow and they run in and out between the branches instead of the ‘doors’. All staff that do playground duty, including midday meals ladies, will be asked to monitor this.


4. A.O.B.

Mrs Kinsella asked the Councillors what we could discuss at the next meeting and as there were a lot of worries concerning our playgrounds, she suggested having an outside walk around to discuss any previous/ongoing issues.






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