Who are the Governors

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Who are the Governors?

The Governing Body have a very important role in the management of the school.  We are a group of volunteers made up of teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, community representatives and members appointed by the local authority, all of whom are local to Loughton.  We work closely with Lizzie Bancroft, the rest of the staff and the local authority, to carry out our statutory responsibilities.

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Governing Body Structure

Chair of Governors Rachael Parkin

Headteacher Lizzie Bancroft

Staff Governor Alex Wolfe

1 LA Governor Vacancy

4 Parent Governors   Maria Crisu, Manjula Nambiar, Ian Hutchinson,  Vacancy

8 Co-opted Governors Karen Burzio, Rebecca Chamberlain, Jim McAuley, Rachael Parkin, Andy Plumb, Penny Anstey Smith, Sue Tapley, Anna Bretts

Associate Members Sheena Cresswell, Les Piascik, Gemma Kinsella, Daniela Thompson


Governors by Committee





Rebecca Chamberlain

Sue Tapley

Sheena Cresswell

Vice Chair

Maria Crisuy

Andy Plumb


Lizzie Bancroft

Lizzie Bancroft

Lizzie Bancroft

Alex Wolfe

Rachael Parkin

Jim McAuley

Rachael Parkin

Karen Burzio

Karen Burzio

Penny Anstey Smith

Penny Anstey Smith

Penny Anstey Smith

Manjula Nambiar

Manjula Nambiar

Rebecca Chamberlain

Jim McAuley

Les Piascik

Assistant Heads

(Gemma Kinsella)

(Daniela Thompson)

Governors with Specific Responsibilities

Vice Chair TBC

Development Governor Rachael Parkin

Foundation Stage Governor Jim McAuley

Key Stage Governor Maria Crisu

Inclusion Governor Sheena Cresswell (incl G&T, Children in Care, Pupil Premium)

English Governor Rebecca Chamberlain

Information Technology Governor   Manjula Nambiar

Maths Governor TBC

Safeguarding Governor TBC

Safer Recruitment Governor Rachael Parkin

Mental Health Penny Smith

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