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Learning at Loughton Manor First School


Everything we do at Loughton Manor First School is based on our aim "building a life-long love of learning in a safe and happy school." We try our hardest to live out this belief in all our work and play.


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Weekly Curriculum Information for Parents

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Monkeys Planning for week beginning 20 November

Next week in Monkeys we will be learning about family celebrations, including birthdays. In key worker groups we are continuing to develop our speaking and listening skills. On Monday the children will be given the opportunity to tell their group their 'news' from the weekend. They will be sharing their experiences of birthdays and how they celebrate and laying a table ready for a birthday party in the role play area. In Phonics the children will be going on a listening walk and identifying sounds which they hear in the environment. In Maths we will be comparing the weight of birthday presents and using the language heavy and light.



Tigers, Zebras and Pandas Planning for week beginning 20 November

We have had a great time exploring the festival of Diwali this week.


Next week we will be continuing our festivals topic by focusing on birthdays and present giving days.


In literacy we will be looking at different invitations and having a go at writing our own.


In the creative areas the children will be making cakes out of play dough to decorate, cutting and sticking paper cakes and balloons and decorating real biscuits which we will eat during our party on Friday afternoon.


In maths we are looking at capacity and exploring whether containers are full, empty or half full. The children will also be creating a birthday graph to show which month they were born.


We will continue to rehearse the songs and practise lines for our Christmas performance. If your child has a speaking part we would appreciate your help in learning their lines at home.


Finally a huge thank you for all your ‘Children in Need’ donations. Didn’t the foundation children look amazing in all their spots and face paint! All donations go to a fantastic cause so thank you once again.



Year 1 Planning for week beginning 20 November


We have our exciting visit from the Toymaker on Monday, and all classes will attend sessions throughout the day. We have been learning about old and new toys in our History lessons, and this exciting workshop gives the children a chance to learn about, handle and play with toys from different periods in history.

In Maths will be continuing our work on number bonds, and using our knowledge to solve missing number problems.

In English we will be using a new video clip as a stimulus for sequencing and retelling this story featuring a mysterious robot. The children will then be designing and building their own robot friend.

We will therefore need lots of boxes, tubes, lids and other suitable craft materials. So if you have any you can bring in, please leave them on the Year 1 art table. Please remember that we are a nut-free school, so do be careful not to donate packaging that may have contained nuts.

In Science we will be extending our understanding of materials, their properties and why it's important to choose sensible materials for making objects.


Year 2 Planning for week beginning 20 November


In English next week we will finish our work on 'The Sound Collector' poem by Tony Mitton. Children will draft and write their own verse keeping the features of the poem. We will then move onto exploring the text Meerkat Mail.


In Maths we will consolidate our work on methods of subtraction. We will also be revisiting our learning on the features of 2D and 3D shape.


Our Topic work continues our exploration of Earth's continents. Children will learn about the countries, climates and fetaures of each continent.


Please note that no spellings have been given out this week. Please take the extra time this creates to ensure you and your child are reading every night, even if only for 5 or 10 minutes. The benefits are endless!


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