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Learning at Loughton Manor First School


Everything we do at Loughton Manor First School is based on our aim "building a life-long love of learning in a safe and happy school." We try our hardest to live out this belief in all our work and play.


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Weekly Curriculum Information for Parents

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Monkeys Planning for week beginning 18th March


Next week our focus will be our visit to the McIntyre cafe to buy a drink and a biscuit. This visit will cover many areas of the curriculum ie maths, communication, personal and social skills and physical, as well as being a special and fun activity. To enable all children to have a drink and a biscuit please send in your child’s 50p.

Back at school , the children will be making a salt dough cake or biscuit to play with when acting out their visit to the cafe. We will also be having a sneak preview of the Y1 play !

*Save the date- Friday 29th March*

This will be our first Stay and Play session where you can stay at school and get involved with your child’s learning.


Zebras, Pandas and Tigers Planning for week beginning 18th March


Next week our focus text will be ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra.

In Literacy, the children will be creating a wanted poster for Evil Pea and practising keyword and sentence writing.

In Maths, we will be looking at number bonds to 10 and then 20.

Continuing our topic of real life superheroes and people who help us, our role play area will become a police station.

On the art table the children will be making resources for our Mother’s Day Assembly which will take place on Wednesday 27th March at 9.00 am.

Some children are accessing the ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ app in their phonics sessions. If you would like your child to take advantage of this educational app, please see the link in our Learning section on the school website.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Foundation Stage Team


Year 1 Planning for week beginning 18th March


It's the final week of the preparations for our play Skellybones. You should now have received the details of ticket availability and preparations for the day itself via letter or parent mail.

On the day, teachers and adults will walk all the children to Denbigh School, so you do not need to collect them from school at the end of the day.

EVERY child will need to bring in a packed tea so they will have something to eat between the end of school and the end of the performance. Please ensure that this tea is in completely disposable packaging so it can be thrown away when eaten. (Lunch arrangements are as usual).

In the run up to the performance itself, we will be performing Dress Rehearsals to the other classes in school and also any siblings who attend Loughton School, so we should be performance ready! We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Denbigh School Theatre on Thursday, for a 6.15 start.


Year 2 Planning for week beginning 18th March


As the children have been so excited about the unusual items on the back playground, we will continue to plan and write our own imaginary story. Ask children about their main character and where they have come from!

In Maths we will learn about weight and mass. The children will then begin to explore money. They will have the opportunity to look at real coins and understand each coins value. We will use different combinations of coins to make an amount and we will be solving problems that require the children to work out how much change will be given.

In phonics, the children will continue to build upon their understanding of spelling rules when adding a suffix. They will apply this skill to their writing.

Thank you to those that have brought back the consent slip for Warwick Castle. If you haven't yet done this please ensure you do this week as the trip is on Monday 25th March.Thank you.

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